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How to add and delete scenes

Common Questions:

How do I add a scene?
How do I add a slide?
How do I delete a scene?
How do I delete a slide?

It's quick and easy to add and delete scenes within your Biteable project. Follow along to learn how.

Follow these instructions when in Design mode. For more info on adding and deleting scenes in Script mode, click here.

Adding scenes

When creating a video from scratch, the first thing you'll be asked to do is choose scenes to add to your video. Simply select the scene you'd like to add, and they will appear in your video's timeline below.

There are two ways to add scenes once you're in the editor.
The Scenes button to the left of your video canvas
The + Add scene button to the right of the timeline

Once you've selected your scenes, click the "Edit" button to return to the editor.

Deleting scenes

You can delete scenes and text/media blocks separately. Take a look at the GIF below:

To delete your scene:

Click on the scene in the timeline, and access the blue arrow upper bar that lights up

Click the arrow, and select Delete scene

To delete a text or media block:

Click on the block you want to delete on the canvas, and click the garbage icon
Select the block in the timeline, then click the blue arrow upper bar
Select Delete block

**How do I add a scene from one video to a different video?

The easiest way to copy a scene from one video to another is using our Favorites feature. You can add a scene to favorites in one video, then add that favorited scene into any other video.
Save any scene to "Favorites" —

Updated on: 04/03/2024

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