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When creating a Biteable video, you can upload your own videos and images to include in any scene.

How to upload your own videos and images

There are a number of ways to upload your or videos or images into Biteable, depending on where you are in the app.

From your Asset Library

The Asset Library is your one-stop shop for uploading and organizing your uploads and assets. You have a Personal Library (only you can see these assets) and a Team Library (for shared assets on a Premium plan).

Select "Assets" from the side menu

Choose between your personal assets or your shared team assets by clicking “My uploads” or “Team uploads”

Click "Upload media" to add a new clip or image to your library

Images and footage uploaded to your Asset Library can be easily added to any video at any time using the methods below.

Upload videos and images starting from the Editor

There are two ways to upload video footage or images in Design mode — the content bar and from your timeline.

The content bar

Open or create a video project

Select the "Uploads" button to the left of the canvas

Click "Upload media" to upload new videos, images, or choose from already uploaded assets

Your timeline

Replacing videos or images

Open or create a video project

From the timeline, select a scene with existing media

Select "Replace background"

Click "Uploads", then "Upload media"

Adding videos to a scene without video

Select the "Upload" button, then "Upload media"
Click on the new upload to add it to your video

Ideal file size and format

While you're free to upload any media you'd like, we do have some max file sizes to make sure your uploads have the best quality in your video.

The single file size limits are as follows:

700MB video

50MB image

250MB soundtrack

Here are the requirements for the files we support:

Video > .mov or .mp4

Image > .png, .jpeg or jpg

Audio > most formats but .mp3 works best

Editing your videos' audio and volume

If your video clip includes audio, any additional soundtrack or voiceover layer will automatically fade when the audio from your video plays. You can adjust both levels of volume within the Design Mode.

Once you've uploaded footage with audio in it, you can also control the volume for that footage. Here's how you do it:

Click on the scene to activate the right-hand menu

On the right sidebar, slide the volume slider to the level you want.

You can also mute the footage, or set it to fade in or fade out as the scene passes.

Pro tip: If you want to only use a part of the video you have uploaded, click Trim Footage to cut to the bit that you want.

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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