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Editing and cropping uploaded media

We know that videos and images come in all different shapes and sizes — that's why Biteable makes it easy to crop your media to the perfect size for every project.

Design mode

Double click a video or image to enter cropping mode. The edit box will have light blue dotted lines on the outside border.

Drag the dots on each side of the video or image to crop it.

Double click, press escape, or click outside the image/video region to exit cropping mode.

If you're using a frame for your media, you can also edit how your media appears in the frame.

Click on the framed media

Click the "Adjust frame" button to the right of the editor

Move the media around to reposition it in the frame, or use the size controls to zoom in and out

This is a recording that shows several ways to adjust, crop, and manipulate different types of images. Crop, Adjust, Manipulate Images

And you’re all done!

Please note that at the moment, our studio-animated graphics, logos, and watermarks are not “croppable”.

Updated on: 04/01/2024

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