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Stock footage and images

Riddle us this: what's a really quick way to spice up your videos, making it look extra polished, and super professional? Stock footage and images, of course! Find out how to quickly and easily add stock clips and images to your next video.

Accessing and using stock footage and images

Choose from millions of stock images and clips included in your Biteable plan. Search for any topic and instantly add stock media to your project.

To browse our amazing library of footage and images:

Click on Stock to the left of your video's canvas

Select Videos from the toggle in the category or Images if you'd like to add still pictures instead.

Search for your keyword to bring up related results

Click on any result to add it to your video

Replacing exisiting media

If you're using out of our pre-made media layouts, simply select the placeholder image and click the "Replace element" button — then repeat the steps above.

Setting stock footage or images as your video's background

To set an image or video as the background of your video, add your desired stock element to your scene using the steps above. Select the media on the canvas, then select the three dots ... to open your options — click Set as background.

Now you know all you need to know about using our vast library of videos and images! Have fun creating fun, memorable projects in Biteable!

Updated on: 10/10/2023

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