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Uploading screenshots, screen recordings, and music

In Biteable, you can easily upload your own footage, images, logos, and music. Here's how:

📹 Footage and screen recordings

Uploading your own footage is easy. When editing a video project, select the "Add" tab, then click "Upload" to select your footage. Alternatively, choose "Replace background" on any scene, or select the placeholder footage within any Branded Scene or Template.

To easily record your screen, use our built-in screen recording tool. This footage is automatically saved to your account for easy access.

📷 Screenshots and images

You can use images and screenshots to enrich a video and enhance your message.

If you use Windows, check out this link for a guide to using Snipping Tool.

If you use Mac, use this link to get to a guide to producing awesome screenshots natively.

To crop a small section out of your screenshot, find the crop button and focus on the section as needed.

Images are best loaded at 1080p resolution. Images can be uploaded as a background or as a layer above the background (logo). If you're using a Logo instead, aim for 1000px minimum.

To resize your image, Biteable has created our own tool. We highly recommend utilizing it first and foremost:

🎤 Music

The right music transforms a good video into a great one. If you're looking to share your videos publically, be sure to use royalty-free music to avoid copyright infringements. We have a variety of music options available for you to use for free.

If we don't have what you're looking for, easily upload your own music track by clicking on the "🎵 Choose soundtrack" button in your timeline.

Visit this page to learn more about other royalty-free music libraries, ranging from free to paid. A few examples below:

Paid: AudioJungle
Great search engine, lots of ways to refine your search. Prices are generally in the $10 – $15 (USD) range.

Nearly Free: Incompetech
This is one of the best and most popular sites for lower-end filmmakers looking to score their short film or feature for free.

Free: Free PD
A fantastic site with very high quality music, by far the best completely free, no attribution required (Creative Commons 0, or CC0 license) music site on the web.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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