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Why do the colors change in my uploaded videos?


Why do the colors change in my image or video when I upload it to Biteable?
Why does my video look washed out or too bright?
How do fix this issue since I can't re-record?

When you upload a video from your phone or computer, you may notice a change in the coloring of the uploaded video when it is added into your Biteable video project.

One common reasons this may happen is related to the file format in which the video is captured. If you are using an iPhone to record a video, the iPhone camera defaults to save in a High Efficiency HEIV/HEVC format. This format reduces the file size to minimize the required storage space required, but can reduce quality when shared outside of Apple services and video players.

This is an example of a video saved in HEVC format when opened in Quicktime (Apple desktop video player), shown on the left, and when uploaded to Biteable, shown on the right.

How can you adjust your phone/tablet settings to maintain color integrity when uploading to Biteable?

You can change the settings on an iPhone or other iOS device to save in the Most Compatible setting instead of the High Efficiency setting to allow the video files so they work better with services like Biteable. The images below show where to locate these options in your iPhone Camera settings.

How can you adjust / fix a video that you have already recorded?

Hopefully you have a Mac, or a friend with a Mac. If not, ask our support team and we'll do our best to help (we've got Macs).

Open the original video file in Quicktime. You can download the video file from your asset library if you need.
In Quicktime, go to File, select Export As, then select whichever file size you want (we recommend the highest quality).
Before you save, make sure you are selecting the H.264 option for greater compatibility.
Save the file (it may take some time to export). Upload the new file into Biteable.

Updated on: 19/01/2024

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