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Video build problems/issues and time expectations

Common Questions:

Why is my video taking a long time to build?
My video says "Build Failed", what do I do?
My video says "Issue Joining Scenes", what do I do?
How long does it take to render a video?
I've been waiting for my video to download. Is it supposed to take a long time?

My video build / render is failing, what do I do?

Sometimes renders fail on the first attempt and work on the next, so, please try to build your video again, as it may complete on the second try.

If you've rebuilt your video, refreshed your page and it still doesn't work, reach out to the Support team and we'll have a look for you. We have some additional troubleshooting tools to rebuild your video as well as debugging tools to identify content in your video that may be causing issues with the build.

You can also check this article for common reasons a build might fail. We (support) may still need to help out, but this includes some tips that may help you fix the issues.

My video build is taking a long time, what do I do?

‚ÄčThe first build of a video can sometimes take several minutes (max 15). Longer videos and videos that include a lot of video assets and/or animations will take longer to build. You can refresh your browser to check if the build is still happening (but we don't recommend restarting the build since that will start the process over again, see the bottom of this article).

If a video build takes longer than 15 minutes, it may have an error and will time out and say "build failed". This will help us diagnose the issue so we can fix the issue and get the build to work. Reach out to support and we can take a look.

Video updates are typically much faster after the first build since they may not need to update the entire video.

The speed of the build can also be impacted by the volume of requests in our system at any given time as well. If your video hasn't completed building (or failed and displayed an error) within 15-20 minutes, please reach out to support and we can help.

Warning: There is a "restart build" button that displays when a video is building. This button should ONLY be used to actually restart the entire build process if you have made changes to your video in the editor while your video is building. Clicking restart will restart the entire build process to incorporate any changes you make while a build is happening so they can be incorporated. Clicking restart during a video build does not speed things up or help the build process (it does the opposite).

Updated on: 24/03/2024

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