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My video build broke, what do I do?

Occasionally, something can go wrong when trying to publish, or "build", your video. Fixing it may be as easy as refreshing the page and trying again. If that doesn't work, try one of our common fixes below.

If you reach out to support for help with a video build issue, tell us the name of your project so we can quickly assess the issue. Better yet, share the URL directly from your project so we can jump right into the project when you send us a message in Chat support (or email if needed). The URL might look something like this: or

Build failed and a specific time is provided

If you build your video and instead of showing seeing a play button, you see something like "Build Failed at 3:48", that means there is an issue in the scene at timestamp 3:48 (this timestamp is an example, your experience would likely be a different timestamp). These kind of errors are the easiest to fix since we know where to look. See the topics below for potential things you can do. If you click the time link, it will take you to the scene where the build failed.

Build failed and no additional information is provided

These will be hard for you to troubleshoot and it's likely best to contact support. See the green box above for the information to provide when sending a message to support.

Troubleshooting Tips

Text animation issues

Scenes that include a lot of text (paragraphs of text) can have trouble with certain animations. If you have a particularly heavy text scene, using simple animations like "Simple fade" are less likely to cause issues than more complex animations like "Scale down". Setting text boxes to "No animation" and then rebuilding is a safe way to test a scene to see if a text animation is causing the issue.

Build breaks at an animation

If this is occurring, the animation may just be the culprit.

Please remove the animation and try to build your video without it. If it builds as intended then the animation was indeed the issue, and you can try to add the animation back (or another) and attempt the build again.

If it failed, reach out to Support as you may have found a glitch in our matrix, and it'd allow us to fix the animation for you and everyone else. Unfortunately, it may take a few hours, so if it's extremely urgent, we recommend using a different animation while we fix the broken one.

Build breaks at an image or video

Very rarely, we have seen images and video clips cause a render to fail, however when we do it is important to test and confirm this is the issue.

If the scene includes an image or video that you uploaded, check your asset library to see if the image or video thumbnail looks normal. Sometimes our system will allow you to upload a file that appears normal, but is actually corrupted and cannot be rendered. If the thumbnail looks normal in your asset library, it is probably ok. If the thumbnail doesn't exist and shows an error, there is a problem with that file. This could be a file type we don't support or an error in the upload process.

If the upload looks normal in your asset library, you can try to delete the upload and upload it again. While rare, a file can sometimes get stored incorrectly when uploading to our servers and become inaccessible when we attempt to build the video

If it's an image from our stock library, please remove it and add it again, or try another image. Sometimes our stock footage or image providers can pass a corrupted URL which causes a build to fail.

If you continue to have trouble with your video, please don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly Support team. We're troubleshooting experts and will work to have you video up and running as soon as we can.

Updated on: 03/02/2024

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