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Biteable Languages

Common Questions:

How can I change the language of the application?

As a diverse company, we aim to support all languages on our platform.

Text/language support in videos

We support the vast majority of languages in our editor. We support Google Fonts which can search Google Fonts to find fonts for different languages and characters.

Application language support

At this time, we do not have language setting in our application that you can change. However, you can change your browser language which typically works to be able to view Biteable in any language.

Automated Video Assistant language support

If you are using our automated video creation tool, when you add your information, include “provide the output in [language/spanish/portuguese/french/etc]" at the beginning of your main input and it should create the script in your language. If that does not work, let us know and we can help. Below are some examples of how you could generate a video about Biteable in different languages. You would want to include the words in bold at the beginning of your response, but adjust the other prompt words for your use case.

ENGLISH VERSION: Biteable is a video communication platform that helps customers easily create animated videos. Biteable includes thousands of animated elements, scenes, and full video templates as well as millions of stock footage and image resources to help customers build videos to help drive awareness, alignment, and action.

Instructions : Fournir tous les résultats en langue française. Biteable est une plateforme de communication vidéo qui aide les clients à créer facilement des vidéos animées. Biteable comprend des milliers d'éléments animés, des scènes et des modèles vidéo complets ainsi que des millions de ressources vidéo et d'images stockées pour aider les clients à créer des vidéos pour favoriser la sensibilisation, l'alignement et l'action.

Instrucciones: Proporcione todos los resultados en el idioma español. Biteable es una plataforma de comunicación de video que ayuda a los clientes a crear fácilmente videos animados. Biteable incluye miles de elementos animados, escenas y plantillas de video completas, así como millones de recursos de imágenes y material de archivo para ayudar a los clientes a construir videos que impulsen la conciencia, el alineamiento y la acción.

You can provide the initial instruction statement in any language. Below are some commonly requested instruction statements:
Arabic: التعليمات: توفير جميع المخرجات باللغة العربية.
Italian: Istruzioni: Fornire tutti gli output in lingua italiana.
Portuguese: Instruções: Forneça todos os resultados no idioma português.

Updated on: 22/05/2024

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