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What browsers & operating systems are compatible with Biteable?

While Biteable works well on the vast majority of browser/operating systems, our software is not compatible with all browsers. See which browsers Biteable works best on below.

If you are experiencing any of the following issues or questions, please review our browser and operating system compatibility list below to see if your issue could be related to compatibility with your browser/device.
I can't click to edit scenes
My scenes won't load
The colors on some slides are not showing correctly when the video is played
I cannot play my videos in the editor
My video is not playing
How do I edit a video


We always recommend keeping your browser updated to the most recent version possible. If your browser is more than a few versions out of date, it could cause problems when using Biteable.

Biteable works best on Chrome and Firefox — we recommend that you use either browser to create your videos. Our support team uses Chrome on Mac OS, so this configuration is the most comprehensively supported.
Biteable works on Edge. We do not test on Opera or Arc but typically do not see browser related issues on these browsers.

Biteable DOES NOT WORK on Safari. We use browser based technology that is not yet supported by Safari that can cause major issues when using Safari.

Operating Systems

Biteable works on Mac OS
Biteable works on Windows

Biteable DOES NOT WORK on iPhone or iPads using any browser. Even if you are using Chrome or Firefox on an iPhone/iPad, those mobile browser versions are using Apple Webkit which has the same issues as Safari.
Biteable works, but is not optimized for Android devices/systems.

Updated on: 30/12/2023

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