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How do I add text?
How do I edit text?
How do I format text?
How do I find text animations?

Your message is the most important part of your Biteable project. Learn how to make your message shine with clear and concise text captions.

Adding text boxes to your video

If your scene has a text layer ready, simply click twice to select the layer and start editing the text. If it doesn't, follow these quick steps:

Click Add Text button in the vertical menu bar along the left side of your browser window

Drag your text box to quickly and easily resize your text

Add as many text boxes to each scene as you need using this method

Deleting text from a scene

To delete text from a scene:

Select the text box you'd like to delete

Click the red trash can icon above the text box to delete

Formatting your text

Once added, there are many things you can do to make your caption pop off the screen.

On the right sidebar, you will see the following options under Text Properties:

Font Family, Font Size, Font Weight, Line Height: Your classic options to change the font, size, weight, and line height of your text.

Capitalize: Click on this if you want to auto-capitalize your whole caption.

Text Color: An option to change the color of the text. You can use our selection or your own Hex code.

Ribbon Color: Editing the color of the background of your text.

Align Left, Center, and Right

Align Vertically: Select any textbox, then use the alignment buttons (top, center, or bottom) to align your text on the screen

Bullet points and Numbered Lists

Adding text animations

When your text has been beautified, it's time to add animations. Simply click on the caption, and select one of the text animations in the right sidebar (under text properties).

Controlling the timing of your text

To extend the length of a scene, hover your mouse over the ends of the scene to reveal two arrows — drag the scene along the timeline to make it longer or shorter.

To control when your text appears and disappears within a scene, use the "Edit timing" button.

Select your text box on the canvas and click the three dots in the upper corner
Click "Edit timing"
Drag your text box to edit the timing


In the timeline, select the text layer you'd like to edit
Click the "Edit timing" clock button at appears above the text layer
Drag your text caption to change when it enters and exits the scene

We're here to help. If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly support team.

Updated on: 09/04/2024

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