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Previewing your video

With Biteable, it's easy to preview your video as you go. Whichever editing mode you're using, you can play back the specific scene you're editing, or the whole video before publishing and sharing the finished products.

There are 3 ways to preview your videos — depending on how much of your video you're looking to preview.

Design mode

Scene preview

Click the small play button on the bottom right side of the editor to preview just the current scene you're working on. Your scene will play, along with any transition you have chosen.

Play from anywhere preview

To play your video from a specific point, simply hover over the spot where you want to start previewing and click the blue play button. This will play from the spot you chose. You can click to stop the preview at any point.

Video preview

To preview your entire video from the top, click on the bigger play button on the left side of the timeline. By default, your project will play from 00:00 all the way to the end unless you click Stop. You can then click any scene as your start point, and click the Play button to resume play.

Script mode

In Script mode, use the controls beneath your scene preview to play the whole video, or select a specific scene to watch.

The timeline beneath the video is divided into timestamps for each scene — simply click on the scene itself (to the left of the preview), or select the corresponding timestamp in the timeline to play the preview.

Script mode automatically updates your video preview as you type.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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