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Editing scene duration

You can make your scenes as long or short as you want. Duration for captions can also be controlled separately from the scene.
The maximum duration of a video on our Pro Plan is 10 minutes, while you can go up to 20 minutes on our Premium plan.

To change the duration of your scene or caption, simply follow the steps below:

Click on the element on the Timeline.

If you want to control scene duration, click on the background.

For captions, select the text on the Timeline.

Click and drag the white bar on the right side of the scene to the right to lengthen the duration. For Captions, the bar is light blue. Click and drag it to the left to shorten it.

Pro-tip: If the original scene is shorter than the duration you choose, the scene will loop. Keep that in mind!

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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