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Using Script Mode

Bring your message to life with Script Mode. Forget finicky design decisions and tedious timelines — create stunning, professional videos in a snap.

How to use Script Mode

To start using Script Mode, choose a template or create a new video project. If your project opens in Design mode, click the "Script Mode" toggle to the right above your canvas.

Build your video

Script Mode works alongside makes video creation simple.

To add scenes, hover above or below each scene's thumbnail to reveal the "Add scene" button — then choose from hundreds of pre-built scenes.

💡 Branded Scenes will instantly update with your branding, colors, and logo when added to your video.

To delete or duplicate a scene, select the three dots beside your scene's thumbnail, and click "Delete scene" or "Duplicate scene".

To change the order of your scenes, drag and drop the corresponding thumbnails.

Add your text

To bring your message to life, type your text into the textbox for each scene. You'll see the video preview update in real time as you type.

Use the text controls within each textbox to tweak the size, color, and formatting of your text.

Tweak the timing

The scene length will automatically adjust to ensure your viewers have enough time to read each scene. You can tweak the timing by clicking the clock symbol at the top of each textbox.

Scene preview

Watch your video update in real time via the video player on the right side of your screen. Scene preview shows the scene you are currently editing.

Music soundtrack and Voice-over

Click the music "🎵" button above the scene preview to update your video's audio. Choose one of Biteable's music tracks, or upload your own.

To add a Voice-over, click the microphone "Add voice-overs" button and select or upload your voiceover file.

Scene colors and color schemes

You also have the ability to change your scene's color scheme.

Update your scene's colors by clicking on the color combos above your video preview, or by clicking "Bulk Edit" to quickly apply changes to the whole video.

Upload footage and images

To replace placeholder images or footage in a scene, use the Media tools on the bottom right of the scene preview. Here you can manage your uploads like logos, images, and video.

From beneath the scene preview, click on the media you'd like to edit — then replace, trim, or adjust the frame in a few clicks.


When you're happy with your video, click the "Publish" button at the top right of the page to export and share your video.

Design Mode

To fine-tune layout, control soundtracks and voiceovers, or see your video in a timeline view, switch over to Design Mode via the button at the top right corner of the scene preview.

Switch back to Script Mode at any time.

Create beautiful, on-brand videos in minutes with Script Mode. If you have any questions, please reach out to our friendly support team — we're happy to help!

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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