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Save any scene to "Favorites"

Save time searching for your go-to scenes — you can now add your favorite scenes to your Favorites folder.

How to favorite a scene

Favorite a scene from your video

From Design mode, click the "Add to Favorites" button, then choose "Save to My Favorites" or "Save to Team Favorites" to save the scene you have selected.

Favorite a pre-made Biteable scene

You can add any of Biteable's pre-made scenes to your Favorites.

Select the "Add" tab, then locate the Branded Scene, animation, or clip you'd like to favorite.

Hover over the scene preview, then click the "Add to favorites" heart.

To access your favorite scenes in the future

From the editor, click the "Add" button

Select the "Favorites" tab

Toggle between Team Favorites (scenes your whole team can choose from) and My Favorites (only you can see these)

Click on any of your favorite scenes to add them to a video

We're here to help. If you have any questions about using Favorites, get in touch with your friendly customer success team. Happy video making!

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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