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Using Design Mode

Design Mode offers a traditional timeline view of your video. The editable canvas allows you to customize and fine-tune every aspect of your video.

Where to find Design mode

To edit a video in Design mode, open a project, choose a template, or create a new video.

If your project opens in Script Mode, use the "Design Mode" button on the top right corner of the page to switch to Design mode.

How to use Design mode

Tweak your layout

Click and drag text or media assets to move them around the video canvas. Use the guides around each asset to easily resize text, images, or footage.

Add animations, icons, and graphics to a scene with the "graphics" button to the left of the canvas.

Add and delete scenes

To add a new scene, click the "Add scene" button to the right of the timeline, or hit the "Scenes" tab to the left of the editor.

Click on your favorite scenes to add them to your video. To start editing, click back to the timeline.

To delete a scene, select the scene you'd like to delete, then press the ^ arrow and choose "Delete scene". Here you also have the option to duplicate a scene in your video.

Add and edit text

To add a text box, click the Add text "T" button at the top left of the canvas. You can add multiple text boxes to each scene.

Select the text box you'd like to edit via the timeline or the canvas, and type in your message.

Use the "Text properties" menu in the sidebar to tweak fonts, colors, and more.

Make your message move by adding a text animation. Choose from the "Text animations" menu beneath your font and text layout options.

Change scene length and timing

Change scene length and control when text appear by clicking and dragging the scene along the timeline.

Drag the whole layer to reposition the scene or caption, or use the arrow guides on either end of the scene or caption to trim the length.

To control when animations and text appear and exit during a scene, select the element on the timeline or canvas and click the "Edit timing" clock icon button.

Add scene transitions

To add or edit a scene transition, select the scene you'd like to add a transition to — a "Scene transitions" option will appear between your scenes. Click the "Scene transitions" button and choose a transition to apply to your scene.

Music and voice-over

Add a music soundtrack to your video by selecting the "🎵 Choose soundtrack" button beneath the timeline. Choose from Biteable's music library or upload your own track.

To add a voice-over, click the "🎙Upload voice-over" button beneath the timeline. Upload a voice-over or use text-to-speech. Find out more about how to add a voice-over.

Script Mode

Switch between Script Mode and Design Mode at any time — you won't lose any editing progress.

If you have any questions, reach out to our friendly support team. We're here to help!

Updated on: 04/10/2023

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