Using Biteable's Zoom tool in the timeline

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How do I add or change a transition between scenes?
Where did the scene transition setting go?
Where’s the option to duplicate or delete a scene?
I can’t find the menu to change a transition. How do I do that?
How do I access the scene menu?
How do I access scene transitions?

Scene menu and Scene Transition menu

There are two primary menus for scenes in the Biteable timeline. The Scene Transition menu and the Scene menu. The Scene Transition menu allows you to set the transition style between two scenes. The Scene menu allows you to duplicate or delete a scene.

The Scene Transition menu and Scene menu in the Biteable timeline.

Where did the Scene Transition menu or Scene menu go, and how do I get them back?

In situations where a scene has been set to have a short duration, the Scene Transition menu may be disappear from view. The Scene menu may also be difficult to locate for scenes that have very short durations.

To access the Scene Transition and Scene menus for short scenes without changing the scene duration, click on the Zoom button and change the zoom setting. The Zoom button is located just above the “Add Scene” button at the far right end of the timeline.

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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