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Adding scene transitions

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How do I add a transition?
How do I add a scene transition?
How do I add transitions?

Add an extra little somethin' somethin' to your project with any of Biteable's groovy scene transitions. Scene transitions add movements or effects between your scenes, and make for an extra engaging video.

Scene transitions

There are 8 scene transitions for you to choose from. Try each of them to see which one/s look best in your video.


Swipe Left, Swipe Up

Cross Fade

Circle Reveal

Curtain Open, Curtain Close

Window Open, Window Close

Zoom In, Zoom Out



Adding a scene transition

To add a transition to your scenes, follow these easy instructions:

Select the scene to which you want to add the transition.

Click on the Butterfly icon (two triangles facing each other on the points) and pick your desired transition from the pop-up. If you have trouble locating or clicking the icon, use the zoom in controls on the right side of the timeline.

Click Play, and watch it play at the beginning of the scene.

Changing the duration, length, speed of a scene transition

Today, we do not offer the ability to change the speed of scene transitions. If this is something you would like to request as a feature, please send us a note in support.

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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