Record your session to help us debug issues

Record a session to show us performance issues

Biteable's performance can be impacted by different browsers and network policies. You may experience issues that we cannot replicate, so whenever possible, recording your session can help us see what is happening.

We use a tool called that records your browser as well as your network and console activity and errors. This console data is equally if not more important to help our team debug the situation you are experiencing.

Here are instructions on how to use to submit bugs/issues to us that you experience.

Go to and install the browser plugin (Chrome and Edge).
Open the Jam plugin on your browser.
Click "Record tab" or "Record desktop".
Start Recording and try to recreate the scenario in Biteable where you are experiencing issues. Recordings of 30-60 seconds of clicking and attempting actions are most helpful.
While recording, do a browser refresh and try the actions again where you were experiencing issues (this helps us see if there are resource loading issues).
Stop your recording and click "Create".
Copy the link to the recording and share it with our support team using chat or email.

Updated on: 24/04/2024

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