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I can't access Support Chat

We've seen a few customers have issues with our chat.

Chat isn't opening

This is usually one of a few things:

You may need to clear your cache/browser history. Here's are some helpful shortcuts to do that:
Windows and Linux: Press Ctrl+Shift+Del simultaneously.
Mac: Press Command+Shift+Delete (The Backspace key is labeled ‘Delete’ on Macs and deletes characters to the left of the cursor).
Chromebook: Press Ctrl+Shift+Backspace.

It may be an issue with your network or firewall proxy. You can try a few things
Open Biteable in a private/incognito browser window
Switching to a different network to help diagnose the issue.
Turn on a VPN, or disable an active VPN to see if that helps

You may have an ad-blocker on that is blocking the ability for chat to open. Try to turn that off or allow from our website.

Chat was working fine but now I am not able to type anymore

This is usually because our chat offered options to choose from and a choice is required in order to continue. Please scroll up in your chat and choose "chat with Biteable"

Nothing working? Email us!

What causes chat to be blocked in a browser?

Several factors can block a chat popup in a browser. Here are some common reasons:

Pop-up Blocker Settings: Most modern web browsers come with built-in pop-up blockers. Users can configure these settings to block pop-ups automatically. Ensure that the browser's pop-up blocker is not preventing the chat popup from appearing.

Browser Extensions: Browser extensions or add-ons can also block pop-ups. Users may have installed extensions that interfere with pop-up behavior. Disabling or configuring these extensions may resolve the issue.

JavaScript Settings: Chat popups often rely on JavaScript to function. If JavaScript is disabled in the browser settings, it can prevent the chat popup from appearing. Users should check their browser settings to ensure JavaScript is enabled.

Security Software: Some antivirus or security software may have features that block certain types of pop-ups for security reasons. Users should review their security software settings to see if it is affecting pop-up behavior.

Browser Settings for Specific Websites: Browsers allow users to customize settings for specific websites. If the user has configured their browser to block pop-ups for a particular site, the chat popup may be affected.

Ad Blockers: Ad blocking software may also block chat popups if they are identified as advertisements. Users with ad blockers enabled should check their settings to see if the chat popup is being unintentionally blocked.

Cookies and Tracking Policies: Some browsers offer settings related to cookies and tracking. If a website's chat functionality relies on certain cookies or tracking mechanisms, restrictive settings may impact its behavior.

Network Restrictions: In some cases, network configurations or firewalls may block certain types of content, including chat popups.

It's essential to consider these factors and troubleshoot based on the specific browser, browser settings, and any additional software or extensions installed on the user's system.

Updated on: 16/01/2024

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