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Enabling WebGL

Did you happen to get a message saying, "WebGL rendering disabled or missing"?

Worry not, we have an easy guide for you to fix it! Follow these steps on your Google Chrome:

Go to Settings.

Click the Advanced option on the left panel on the Settings page then click System:

Make sure that you have switched “Use hardware acceleration when available” on. If not, please switch it on.

Once you have turned it on, quit Google Chrome.

Relaunch your Google Chrome.

The steps above should have enabled the WebGL on your device and it should let you continue working on your creative project!

This issue is mostly caused by The WebGL and hardware acceleration is disabled in your browser. The other possible causes are

One of your plug-ins may have disabled WebGL.

An IT organization has disabled WebGL on your device.

Your device does not support WebGL.

If you have done the steps and still see the WebGL message on your screen, please try switching to Mozilla Firefox.

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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