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Call to action (CTA) button

Common Questions:

I want to add a call to action button on my video
How do I add a CTA?
How to I add a call to action button?

Having a clickable call to action button alongside your video is a powerful tool. Direct your audience from your video to your website, a form, or any other URL.

You can find the CTA tool via the Publish page of each video project.

Please Note: CTA buttons do not appear if you download the video as an mp4 file (or a GIF). Mp4 files do not support clickable links or html overlays. CTAs work when using the Copy Link or Embed functionality with Biteable-hosted videos. Using these methods also unlocks analytics! Learn how to use built-in CTA tools when uploading to social media.

Example Video

This is an example of a video using a CTA: Biteable Ad Using CTA

Creating your button

Head to the Publish Page, and click Add Call-to-Action.

Write your message in the Message box, up to 300 characters

Type in your Button text, up to 50 characters

Enter your website URL (where you want the button to link to).

Choose where your CTA shows up under "Layout customizations". Toggle on or off:

A CTA that pops up at the end of your video

A persistent CTA banner that sits below your video on the watch page

Click Save Changes and you're done!

You can edit your video's CTA at any time. Please make sure that your URL starts with http:// or https://. For example, will show an error message. The correct format would be

Using the CTA button

Please note that the CTA button will not appear on the preview on the Publish page. To preview your CTA, take a look at your watch page. You can get your link to the watch page by clicking the Copy Link button on the Publish page:

Updated on: 03/06/2024

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