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Adding Biteable videos to Zoom Waiting Rooms

If you have a paid Zoom account, you can add a Biteable video to your Zoom Waiting Room. First, go to your Zoom account, log in, and visit the Settings area. Search for "Waiting Room," and you will see Customize Waiting Room in the Waiting Room Options.

Select "A video" and upload the Biteable mp4 file you want to add to your waiting room. Click save. Waiting room customized!

If you have not downloaded your Biteable video yet, visit this article on how to download your video as an mp4.

Your Biteable video will now be available to your Zoom call participants when they enter your waiting room. The waiting room is accessible after you initiate the call but before you allow participants into the conference. Visit the Zoom Help Center for more information on Zoom Waiting Rooms.

Updated on: 02/10/2023

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