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Set a custom thumbnail on an mp4 download

How do you set a thumbnail for a downloaded mp4 file?

If you are uploading to social media, first check out this article on Changing video thumbnails on social media

Generate a jpeg thumbnail

You can create a thumbnail file on your own, or you can use Biteable's thumbnail feature to select a thumbnail and download the jpeg file.

Add the thumbnail file to your downloaded mp4 file

After you have downloaded the mp4 file of your video and created the jpeg file for your thumbnail, follow the instructions below to set the thumbnail file on your mp4 video.

Prepare the Thumbnail:
First, you need to create or choose an image that you want to use as the thumbnail for your MP4 video. Make sure the image is in a format such as JPG or PNG.

Rename the Files:
Rename both the video file (e.g., "myvideo.mp4") and the image file (e.g., "thumbnail.jpg") so that they have the same name, but different extensions. For example, both files should have the same name before the dot, and one should have ".mp4" and the other ".jpg" (or ".png").

Use File Explorer (Windows) or Finder (Mac):
- On Windows: View this article from Microsoft on how to Capture or change a video thumbnail
- On Mac: Locate the video and image files in the same folder. Right-click (or Control-click) on the video file and select "Get Info." In the Info window, you'll see a thumbnail image at the top left. Drag and drop your image file onto this thumbnail, and it will replace the default thumbnail.

Refresh or Reopen:
Close the file explorer or Finder window, and you'll likely see the custom thumbnail applied. If not, try refreshing the window or reopening it.

Please note that this method might not work for all video players or systems. Some video players might not recognize the custom thumbnail, and the effectiveness of this method can vary based on the platform you're using.

If you're looking to set a thumbnail that is recognized universally across various platforms and players, you might need to use video editing software to embed the thumbnail into the video file's metadata. This involves a more complex process and might require specialized software.

Updated on: 18/06/2024

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