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Changing video thumbnails on social media

The right thumbnail for your video can be super important — especially when sharing your video across social media.

Select a thumbnail and share via your video's watch link

The simplest way to control your thumbnail is to share your video via your unique watch page link, where you can choose or upload your preferred thumbnail via the Publish tab. This thumbnail will be your video's preview wherever you share your link.

💡 Learn how to choose or upload a custom thumbnail.

Pro tip: Sharing your video via your Biteable link is also the best way to gather accurate analytics.

Upload your video natively, then upload your thumbnail

When uploading your video to a social media platform, you will need to either upload your preferred thumbnail or choose one generated by the platform. Here's how:


After you export your video, download the video file

Select your thumbnail, then click the "Download thumbnail" button to download the image

Upload your video to LinkedIn using their upload feature

Upload your thumbnail image to LinkedIn using their upload thumbnail feature


You can select a custom thumbnail from three randomly selected options

Or, download your chosen thumbnail and upload it to YouTube


For a 25-second video, Facebook will provide up to 10 different custom thumbnails that you can choose from, along with the option to upload your own.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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