The best video aspect ratios for social platforms

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The best aspect ratios for Facebook videos

When posting a video to Facebook, there are three aspect ratios that you can use.

16:9 (horizontal)
9:16 (full portrait)
1:1 (square)

For Facebook Stories and Reels, the recommended aspect ratio for your video is 9:16.

The best aspect ratios for Instagram videos

The Instagram Feed also supports three aspect ratios for your videos.

16:9 (landscape)
4:5 (portrait)
1:1 (square)

It’s important to note that Instagram has combined all videos into one video tab. This means that when your feed videos are viewed on that tab, they will be played in a 9:16 format, with borders automatically added to the top and bottom of the video.

Instagram Stories and Reels maintain a consistent aspect ratio of 9:16.

Preferred video sizes for X (formerly Twitter)

X / Twitter supports three aspect ratios for your videos posted on the platform.

16:9 (landscape)
9:16 (portrait)
1:1 (square)

TikTok's ideal aspect ratio

TikTok supports full portrait videos in a 9:16 aspect ratio.

If you upload content in a different aspect ratio, such as square or landscape, the platform will automatically center the video on the canvas and add borders to fill the empty space.

YouTube and YouTube Shorts aspect ratios

When it comes to YouTube, the 16:9 landscape format reigns supreme. The platform predominantly supports landscape videos for its main content.

However, YouTube Shorts, the platform’s short-form vertical video feature, exclusively supports 9:16 full portrait videos.

Best aspect ratios for LinkedIn videos

LinkedIn provides support for:

16:9 (landscape)
1:1 (square)
9:16 (full portrait)

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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