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Downloading your Biteable video

Common Questions:

How do I download my video?
How can I download the video?
How do I save my video to my computer?
How can I export my video?
How do I save a video?
How can I export my project?

To download a video as an mp4 file you must have a paid subscription plan.
During your free trial, you can publish videos and share them with a link. After your trial is complete, you can create and edit videos but you will need a paid plan to build or update final videos to share them.

Downloading your Biteable video is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

When you're finished creating your video, hit the Publish option on the left, then hit the button to build/update your video.

When your video has finished building, hit the 'Download' option on the left and you'll be set!

All videos are downloaded as .mp4 files with 30 fps (frame rate) and Channel 2 Stereo.

The frame width & height, bitrate, data rate, total bit rate, and audio sample size will vary, depending on which aspect ratio and how long/complicated the video is.

If you've generated closed captions for your video, the SRT file will download alongside your mp4.

Updated on: 22/04/2024

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