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Adding and editing closed captions

Boost accessibility and enhance clarity with closed captions on your videos. Switch on closed captions before sharing your video to help your message make it further.

Closed captions are currently only available on a Premium plan

How to generate closed captions

Closed captions can be generated for any video with spoken audio — like a voice-over or someone speaking to the camera. To create captions, watch this how-to video or follow these steps:

Head to the "Publish" tab of your project. Build or update your video.
Click the "Create captions" button above your video preview.

Your generated captions will be applied to your video in whichever language you are speaking. Play your video to preview the captions in action.

What your closed captions will look like

Closed captions shouldn't distract or take away from your video's message — instead, they add to it. Captions are automatically generated (i.e. you don't need to upload any scripts or type in any words) and show up at the bottom of your video. They'll look like this:

Preview a closed captioned video in action here.

How to download a video with closed captions

To download a srt or vtt file for your captions, click the "Download video" button. This will download your video as an mp4 as well as two caption files — a vtt and srt copy of your captions.

These files can be uploaded to any platform that accepts uploaded captions — like YouTube. Alternatively, you can "burn in" the captions using a tool like this.

Can I edit the closed captions?

You can edit the closed captions generated by Biteable from the Publish page. For any video that has captions already, click the Edit Captions button and you'll see your captions and have the ability to edit them. When you're finished editing, click "Save captions".

Important: If you make any updates to your video, you will need to regenerate captions. This is required since captions are automatically generated and match the display of words to the time they are spoken. If you have made edits to the captions you have generated, these edits will be lost when you update the video. We recommend downloading your video and caption files (see above) so you have a text copy of any edits.

How to switch closed captions on and off

If you've generated closed captions for a video, they will automatically be turned on for viewers. Viewers can switch off closed captions by clicking the closed captions icon on the bottom right corner of the video, and selecting "captions off".

We're here to help. If you have any questions about closed captions, please reach out to our friendly customer support team at any time.

Updated on: 29/01/2024

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