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Have you ever seen a scene you love so much, that you just know that you want it in every single one of your videos? Us too! This is why we have a Favorites feature for our scenes, animations, stock images, stock videos, and Shutterstock library!

How to use Favorites

Simply hover over the scene in the library and you'll see a heart icon on the top right corner of the scene thumbnail.

Click it!

Your scene can now be found in the Favorites folder in the Library for use in any of your videos.

For Teams plan subscribers, you'll find a "Team favorites" and a "My favorites" toggle within your Favorites tab. Click this to switch between your favorites and favorites shared with your whole team.

How to save a scene from your video to Favorites

To learn how to favorite a scene directly from your video project, click here. This is an easy way to copy scenes across multiple video projects without having to re-apply your edits every time.

Pro tip: If you fall out of love with the scene, come back and re-click the heart to take it off the list.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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