Working with music tracks

Common Questions:

How do you keep audio synced to your video?
How do you shorten the audio to match your video length?
How do you extend the audio to match a longer video?
Can you have two different music tracks on the same project?
How do I add multiple songs to a video?
Can I add a second music track to a video?

Adjusting the length of a music track

When you're working with Music Tracks In Biteable, when you add a song, that song is always added to be connected to the full length of the video. When you edit the length of the song, it's no longer connected to the video. So if you extend the video, the music track is not automatically extended — however, you can easily extend it by dragging the end of the track to the desired length.

If you would prefer for Biteable to automatically determine the length of the audio track to match the video, do the following:

Delete the soundtrack from the timeline (read this article if you don’t know how to do this already)
Add the soundtrack back to your timeline

Using multiple music tracks

Our music library can only be accessed in the music layer (the bottom audio layer), and only one track can be added to that audio layer. But, you can add multiple uploaded audio files (we recommend mp3 files) to the voiceover layer. Those can be voiceovers, music, or any other type of audio.

If you want to add multiple soundtracks from the Biteable library, let us know which track you want to add and we can look and see if we have a copy of the track that we can add into your voiceover layer so that you can have multiple songs in the same video.

Short music tracks vs long music tracks

Keep in mind that not all tracks are going to be the same length or longer than your video. If you choose a soundtrack from the Premium library that is 10 minutes long, it should fit your entire video.

Basic tracks are not necessarily 10 minutes long. If you select a track that is shorter than your video, the music will repeat from the beginning. There will be a pause between the end of the track and when it repeats.

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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