How to delete audio files in Biteable

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How do I delete audio files that I uploaded to Biteable?
How do I delete audio uploads?
How do I remove a soundtrack from my video?

Deleting audio files that have been uploaded to Biteable

To remove any audio files that you have uploaded to Biteable, follow these steps.

Open any project that you have in Biteable
Once you are in the Biteable Editor, click on the Soundtrack icon in the timeline
Under “Soundtrack Types”, click “Uploads”
Click on the trash can icon for the file or files that you would like to delete
Click “Delete it” in the confirmation dialog that appears

How to remove a soundtrack from a video

To remove a soundtrack that has been added to your video, follow these steps:

In the editing timeline, click once on the soundtrack — you will see an upward-pointing arrow appear in the middle of the soundtrack
Click once on the upward-pointing arrow to display the "Delete soundtrack" option
Click "Delete soundtrack" to remove the soundtrack from your video

Note: Deleting a soundtrack from the timeline does not delete the audio file from your audio uploads.

Video demonstration on how to delete audio files

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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