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Adding, adjusting, and recording voice-overs

Adding and adjusting audio files on the voice-over audio layer

You can add voice-overs (one or multiple) in the voice-over audio layer. The voiceover audio layer can support multiple files and can be used with any type of audio, including voice-overs, sound effects, or music. When you click the microphone icon in the timeline, you can add files from your device and then add them into your video timeline.

See the screenshot below or watch this 📹 Adding & Adjusting Voice-overs video tutorial to learn more about adding and adjusting audio files on the voice-over timeline.

Recording voice-overs

Using Biteable's Record Tools

You can use Biteable's Record tools to record a video. If you need just the mp3 audio, we have an Audio Extraction tool that can help you turn an mp4 video file into an mp3 audio file.

Smartphone audio recording

Using an iPhone or other smartphone device is a common way to quickly capture voice-over recordings that can be added to your videos. Below are some helpful screenshots to locate how to record and share an audio file from an iPhone.

Updated on: 05/06/2023

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