Troubleshooting music volume levels

Common Questions:

Why is the music in my video automatically lowering it's volume on certain scenes?
When I upload and insert a video clip, the music track volume is lower? Can I turn this off?

How do I maintain a consistent volume level for my soundtrack between scenes?

We hear from customers sometimes who tell us they have problems with the audio level of their soundtrack going down or being too low in different parts of their Biteable video, and they're not sure why.

The reason the audio level might go down between scenes, is because we have a feature called auto-ducking. When you have a scene that includes a video recording with audio and you also have a soundtrack, we want to make sure that you can hear the audio the scene. In those cases, we lower the volume of the soundtrack by 50% so you can hear it. This is called "ducking".

But what can happen sometimes is when you don't realize that there is audio in a video on a scene, or maybe that the audio is turned down too low, or maybe the audio captured in the recording was really low, and so you don't really hear it. But Biteable detects it and so it lowers the volume of your soundtrack.

To fix this, select the scene and then make sure that you select the video that you have added to that scene. Look to the right side of the browser window and find the Volume controls.

Likely, you'll see that the volume is turned down low — this indicates the volume is perceptible by Biteable and is the reason we have ducked the audio in the soundtrack. If you want to make that audio go away completely so there's no ducking at all, click the mute button. This will mute the volume in the video and the audio for the soundtrack will now play at the level you expect.

Updated on: 23/04/2024

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