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Why is the Animation Background a Slightly Different Color?

Common Questions:

Why isn't the animation transparent?
I see a box around an icon or character animation. How do I remove it?
The background of my graphic does not change to match the background of the scene.
Is there a way to change the background of graphics to match the background of the scene?

Why is the box around the animation on my scene a slightly different color than my background?

The slight difference in coloring is only visible in the preview editor mode. It is there to help show you how much space the animation will use so that you can better arrange text or other objects on the scene. In some cases you may be ok with animation movement overlapping behind or in front of your text or images or other videos, but in many cases you may want to preserve adequate spacing.

When you publish your video, that slightly different color will not appear and the animation background will be fully transparent.

Updated on: 23/03/2024

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