Where are my older videos? What happened to Biteable Lite?

Common questions:
What happened to some of my older (pre-2022) videos?
What happened to Biteable Lite?
Can you help me find my projects?
I have videos from several years ago, how do I find them?
I can't find my old videos

We sunset our Lite product in early 2022. Lite was created using technology licenses that Adobe stopped supporting. We built our own video creation architecture and began offering it in 2020 as we migrated users off of our initial Lite product.

We began communicating the Lite would be sunset in mid-2021 via email and in-product notifications and stopped all Lite new video creation in early 2022. Lite videos became inaccessible in mid-2022.

Any videos created on Lite used Adobe's proprietary tooling and those videos are not compatible with our editor. We are, however, able to export many Lite videos to mp4 files but they are not editable on our platform.

If there are videos from the Lite product you would like to have exported as mp4 files, please reach out to support and we will be happy to look and see which ones we can extract. Note: a paid plan is required for all mp4 downloads. In support, we can help explain plan options if you would like us to download any Lite videos for you.

Updated on: 12/03/2024

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