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Team members and management

The Biteable Teams plan lets you collaborate, manage, and give video creation access to up to 3 team members.

To start managing a Team, head to My Account on the lower left part of your screen and select Team.

Adding members to your team

From here, click Add Member to start adding your team members.

New team members will receive an email, and they must click the link in it to join your team.

If the email doesn’t have an account in Biteable, they will follow a sign-up process.

If there’s already an account with that email, they will join your team and hold on to any of their previously created videos.

Managing team members

As an admin, you can:

Add, edit, and remove individual accounts

Manage payment details for multiple people

Generate receipts for multiple people at once

You also have access to centralised billing, and collaborative editing.

Centralized billing: This makes managing multiple accounts easy to do, and still allows independence in each account. You can purchase access for up to 10 team members with one payment.

Video collaboration: Once you turn on the "share" option within your video, it will be shared with everyone on your team. Team members can view and edit shared videos from their team library. Find out more about collaborative editing.

Updated on: 03/03/2023

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