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Using color filters

Control the mood of your video with one of our favorite editing tricks — color filters. Learn how to apply color filters to take your videos to the next level.

How to apply color filters

Color filters can be applied to the background asset of any scene — such as video footage, an animation, or an image.

Click on the scene you'd like to add a color filter to
Click on the background of the scene
Select the "Color filter" color picker, to the right of the editing canvas
Choose your preferred color filter to apply it to that scene

When to apply color filters

Color filters offer a fun and effective way to spice up some stock footage or change the mood of your video. Use color filters to tone down vibrancy for a more moody video, or to make your video pop for an unmissable promo. See these video templates for inspiration:

An attention-grabbing review video

This template uses vibrant shades of orange and purple to make stock footage pop.

A colorful event ad

This event ad uses more subtle color filters to jazz up stock footage.

An epic gym ad

This gym ad does the opposite of the two examples above by using color filters to tone down the colors for a more moody, epic effect.

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Updated on: 23/06/2023

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