User Role Definitions (Admin/Owner, Publisher, Editor, Inactive) & How to Change User Roles

There are three roles in Biteable for active users.

Admin/Owner: Can manage users, edit videos, and publish and download videos.
Publisher: Can edit and publish and download videos.
Editor: Can edit videos, but cannot publish videos.

Changing User Roles

The Admin/Owner of the team can change the roles of team members and add team members. Changes can be made in the My Account -> Users area of the product.

Changing Team Owner/Admin

Changes to a Team Owner/Admin must be done by the Biteable support team. Contact support to request changes to the Owner/Admin. To expedite the process, please share the name/email of the user who you would like to make the account Owner/Admin.

Inactive Team Members

When a user is made Inactive, they can no longer access their account. Videos they have shared to the team are still accessible by team members. If you need help accessing projects from Inactive team members that has not been shared, please reach out to our support team.

Updated on: 20/01/2024

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