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Upgrading and downgrading to different plans

Upgrading and downgrading your Biteable account is a pain-free process. For whatever reason you're making the switch, we want your experience to be as simple and seamless as possible.

How to upgrade or downgrade your account

Sign in to your Biteable account

Navigate to the lower left corner and click "My Account"

Click "Plan and Billing"

View your current subscription settings and browse the other plan options.

Choose if you'd like to pay on an annual or monthly basis. Then, click the "Get plan" button beneath your desired new plan.


If I upgrade my plan mid-subscription, will I be charged for both plans?

No. You will be charged the difference between your original plan and your new plan.

What happens if I downgrade my plan mid-subscription?

If your new plan costs less than your original plan, the difference will be added to your account as a credit.

If you downgrade, we'll put you on the new plan at the end of your current subscription.

Updated on: 09/10/2023

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