My credit card isn’t working

There’s nothing wrong with my credit card, but it’s not working to pay for my subscription

If you’re getting an error message when using your credit card to pay for your Biteable subscription, double check if you have an additional security step to perform.

With your credit card, you likely need to complete a security check that will be sent your email address by your credit card company or bank. In our payment system, we see a message, "Based on your settings, the customer will receive an email with a link they can visit to complete 3D Secure".

Once 3D Secure is authorized, your transaction can process.

What is 3D Secure protection?

3D Secure is an additional step you can enable to happen every time a card transaction is made online. It enhances security measures for shoppers and vendors alike. When you turn on 3D Secure, you’ll be asked to validate every transaction with your PIN code.

3D stands for “three domains.” The first is the card issuer; second, the retailer receiving the payment; and third is the 3DS infrastructure platform that acts as a secure go-between for the consumer and the retailer.

Updated on: 20/12/2023

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