I'm not able to make a payment

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I'm unable to make payment
Payment not working
My card is not working

If you are unable to purchase a subscription, we can help. We use Stripe for payment processing and some regions (e.g., India) have strict terms on the types of subscription payments that can be accepted.

Our support team can create an invoice link for you to pay and link the payment to a subscription. Please reach out to support in chat and let us know what subscription you would like to purchase and we can help.

Additional information on India credit card payments

We often see RBI regulations limit the ability for cards in India to purchase subscriptions from US companies. We can setup an invoice link from our payment provider, Stripe, that has historically solved this issue. I will create an invoice link to send. We have 3D security turned on for these invoice links, so you may need to authorize the transaction on your email or however the card provider does verification.

After the payment is made we are then able to link the subscription and activate your account. We will get a notice in our system upon payment, but you can also reach back to confirm payment so someone on our team can activate the account.

Updated on: 20/02/2024

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