How to manage email alerts

Staying informed about your Bitable projects is important, but sometimes your inbox can get flooded with notifications. That's why we've built in customizable email alerts, letting you choose exactly what updates you want to receive.

This article will guide you through managing your email alerts, so you can keep the perfect balance between staying informed and managing inbox zen.

Where to find your email alert settings

Head to your Biteable dashboard and click on "My account"
From the "My account" menu, select "Communications"
On the "Communications" page, select the emails you want to receive

Email alert options

Account updates: Stay on top of changes like password resets, and subscription or billing modifications. You cannot disable this type of email alert.
First view alerts: Get notified the first time someone watches your video. A great way to celebrate your video's first milestone!
Daily view report: Receive a daily email digest of your video's view count. Perfect for keeping track of your video's performance.
Comments and replies alerts: Choose whether to receive email alerts when you receive comments and replies on your videos.

For each alert option, simply check the box to receive the email notification, or uncheck the box to opt out. Remember, checking the box means you'll get the alert, while unchecking means you won't.

Click Save changes when you've made your selections.

Updated on: 18/01/2024

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