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How to access and delete uploaded assets

Common Questions:

How do I delete a video from my uploads?
How do I find my uploaded videos or images?
How do I delete an uploaded video?

Asset Library
Reusing uploaded pictures and videos
Reusing uploaded music
Deleting previously uploaded media

When you upload an asset within Biteable (image, video, or music), we keep it in storage for you to reuse later. Here's where to find previously uploaded assets when you'd like to reuse or delete uploads:

Asset Library

Your Asset Library is the quickest and easiest way to keep track of the assets you've uploaded to Biteable. Here you'll find images and video files you've uploaded, as well as any recordings or video responses you've collected with Biteable's Record tools.

Reusing uploaded pictures and videos

To add previously uploaded images or videos to a new project, follow these steps:

Use the content bar to the left of your video's canvas to select "Uploads"
Click any of your uploaded assets to add them to your video

Reusing uploaded music

To get to the music and audio track you previously uploaded, simply click on the music note icon at the bottom left of your timeline and select Uploads. You'll find the uploaded music below the "Drag and Drop Music" box.

Deleting previously uploaded media

Deleting is simple! When you encounter a video or image you don't need anymore in My Assets, click the X button on the upper-right corner of it. For music tracks, once you entered the Upload section, you can click the trash button on the right side of the track. It will then be permanently deleted.

All done! Go forth and create with your uploaded media, making really memorable videos for your audience!

Updated on: 28/03/2024

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