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How do I animate my logo?
How do I animate a graphic?
What’s the difference between animating a logo and an animation?
How do I animated a background item

Differences between animating an item and the pre-existing animations

There are two key differences between animating an item in Biteable and the pre-existing animations offered.


Animating an element: For an element that you upload (i.e. your logo, an image, etc.) you can add a pre-defined animation to the item. You can set the item to animate on a scene. Animation choices include: Fade in, Scale up, Elegant rise, and Rotate bounce. The animation is applied to the in and out animation as the scene starts and ends respectively.

Pre-existing animations: For the thousands of pre-existing animations that are included with Biteable, you can customize some aspects such as the colors, and how the animation comes in and out of the scene, but you cannot directly control the animation. For example, you can set an animation to come in and out of a scene using animations such as Fade in, Scale up, Elegant rise, and Rotate bounce. But you cannot modify the actual animation itself other than the colors of the object.


Animatable items: These are meant to add subtle motion and emphasis within your scene. Adding your logo to every scene in your video or adding your own image or video can help add more context to your message.

Pre-existing animations: These are designed to provide quick and easy animation options for entire scenes or sections of your video. They offer pre-built styles and transitions, making them perfect for building a specific atmosphere or setting the overall tone for your video.

Animating background elements

Images that are placed as Background elements can be animated. You have several options to choose from including, Zoom in. Zoom out. Pan left. Pan right. Pan up. And Pan down.

Updated on: 22/02/2024

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