Access Script Editor (fka Script Mode)

Common Questions:

How do I access script mode?

We combined our script mode editor into the design editor. To edit using the script editor, click the arrow next to the slide view of your video to expand the script editor.

Introducing Script Editor

If you’ve been using Script Mode and Design Mode in Biteable, you might have noticed a change we made recently.

The Script Mode and Design Mode toggle switch that changed the editing experience has been removed to make it easier and more efficient for you to make and edit your video.

With this latest update, you no longer have to choose between Script Mode or Design Mode and toggle between the two editing modes.

This new editing experience defaults to this view which is essentially Design Mode. But now, you can easily see all of your scenes here on the left and if you want to rearrange your scenes, you simply click and drag the scenes to order them however you’d like.

The “Add Scene” button at the top makes it easy to add a scene immediately after the scene you have currently selected. Or you can insert a new scene anywhere you’d like by placing your cursor between two scenes and then clicking the Add Scene button that appears.

Scenes can also be duplicated or deleted in this view.

To edit the text on your scenes, click this arrow button to expand the Scene column. It will display all of the text on each scene and you can simply click on a scene and then edit the text directly in the Scene column.

We hope you enjoy this new way to edit text on a scene and thank you for using Biteable!

Updated on: 05/04/2024

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