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Using Branded Scenes

Create stunning, on-brand videos in minutes with Branded Scenes. Choose from your master deck of pre-styled and pre-formatted scenes to build your video in a handful of clicks.

Where to find Branded Scenes

Branded Scenes live within each separate video project. To access them, open an existing project, choose a template, or create a new video, then Add a new scene in one of two ways:

Script Mode

Open or create a video project in Script Mode

Hover your mouse above or below a scene block to reveal an "Add" button

Alternatively, click the "Add" tab to the left of the editor

Design Mode

Choose a template or create a new video project

Click the "Add" tab to the left of the editor to find Branded Scenes

How to use Branded Scenes

To add a Branded Scene to your video, simply click the scene you'd like to use. The Branded Scene will be added to your video.

Every scene will be automatically branded with your company's set color schemes, fonts, and logo.

Editing Branded Scenes

Editing Branded Scenes is simple with Script Mode — type in your text, confirm your color scheme, then share your video.


Using Script Mode, replace the placeholder text by typing your text into the corresponding box to the left. The scene length will automatically adjust to make sure your audience has time to read all the text in every scene.


Use Script Mode to change the color scheme of each scene using the buttons below your video preview.

Sometimes the background of our animations looks to be slightly different from the background of your scene. This difference will disappear once your video is rendered!

Images and footage

To swap in your own images and footage, use the Media tool below your video preview. Select the media you'd like to replace, and click "Replace media".

Note: To fine-tune layout, media, or transitions, switch to Design Mode.

Types of Branded Scenes

You have access to a variety of Branded Scenes, for all types of videos. Use these categories to help find the perfect scene for every message.

Titles (Title scene layouts)

Text (A focus on words)

Numbers (Lists and steps)

Media (video clips and images)

Backgrounds (Animated background graphics)

Logos (Your brand mark)

Icons (visually express an idea)

Words (Common phrases animated)

Characters & 3D characters (People in action)

Team profiles (Feature your people)

We can't wait to see what you create with Branded Scenes. Reach out to our friendly support team with any questions.

Updated on: 16/03/2023

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