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Setting up your brand

Create branded videos in minutes with Biteable's powerful instant branding tools. Type in your URL and we'll instantly fetch your company's colors, fonts, and logos.

Easily customize how you'd like your brand to appear, and apply your branding to every video with a click.

How to set up your brand

Setup or make edits to your brand anytime by selecting the "Brands" tab in the sidebar of your Biteable app.

Enter your URL and we'll instantly fetch your company's branding.

Choose from auto-generated color combos of your brand's color scheme. These are the color schemes you'll be able to instantly apply to your branded video scenes.

Press the + button to add up to 6 color combos, or create your own.

You have the option to change the frame size and add a background color to customize your logo's layout. Favorite the logo you'd like to use as the default, you can always swap it out during editing.

When you're happy with your brand, hit "Save and close" to save and apply your brand.

After applying your brand, you're ready to start creating beautifully branded videos in minutes. Use the Script Mode and Branded Scenes and Templates to put your message in motion.

How to save multiple brands

On a Biteable Teams plan, you can save multiple brands to your team's account. Head to the "Brands" tab, then click "Add brand" to fetch and save as many brands as you'd like.

To switch between brands, hover over your preferred brand and click the star icon to set that brand as your default. Any videos you edit will automatically apply your default brand.


Can I save multiple brands at once?

You can! Users on a Premium plan can save multiple brands. Click the "Add brand" button within the "Brands" tab to add a new brand to your account. To switch brands, hover over your preferred brand and click the star icon to set it as your default brand.

Users on a Pro plan can only save one brand at a time.

Can I add my company’s custom font?

Custom fonts are only available for annual Biteable Premium customers. Find out more here.

How do I reset my brand to the default colors?

If you have any questions, reach out to our friendly support team. We're here to help!

Updated on: 03/01/2024

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