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The ultimate guide to Biteable

We've broken down the main parts of Biteable into bite-sized pieces for you to learn what to do and why it's important. Find what you need or watch them all!

Library and Folders

Learn about your Library and keep things organized with Folders in this quick 45 second video!


Optimize your branding to create branded company videos in a flash. Learn more in this quick minute long video:

Record & Record Requests

Need to record a video of yourself (or someone else) for your project? Our Record & Record Request features will come in handy. Learn more in under 1 minute!

Branded Scenes

Add a fully branded scene to your project with the click of a button! Check out this quick 30 second video to learn more:

Style Tab

Learn more about how to make changes to multiple scenes at once in this :36 second video:

Script Mode

Our Script Mode allows you to easily change color combos, text, media, and add a soundtrack to your project. Learn how to use it in under a minute!

Design Mode

Our Design Mode allows you to make more refined changes to your project. Learn the ins and outs of the Design Mode below - its under a 2 minute watch!


In a pinch? Browse our Template Library for fully templated videos that will auto-apply your branding (only a 30 second watch):


When you're ready to share your project with your audience, the last step is to export it! Learn how to use this feature in 1 minute:

Updated on: 02/06/2023

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