Supported file types and file size limitations

Common Questions:

What are the file size limitations in Biteable?
What types of files can I add to my Biteable video?

File Size Limitations

While you’re free to upload any media you have the rights to, we do have some max file sizes to make sure your uploads have the best quality in your video.

The single file size limits are:

Videos: 700MB
Images: 50MB
Audio: 250MB

Supported file types

We support the following file types to be uploaded into Biteable:

Video files: .mov or .mp4
Image: .png, .jpeg or .jpg
Audio: most audio formats are supported, but .mp3 files work best

Additional information

For additional information on how to upload files to your Biteable account, read this article on Uploading your own videos and images.

Updated on: 01/02/2024

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