Organize your assets with folders in Biteable

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How do I organize assets that I upload?
Can I create folders to organize the files I add to Biteable?
How do I organize assets that people on my team have uploaded to our Bitable account?

Keep your videos, images, and audio files neatly organized using folders in your asset library. This article will guide you through creating, managing, and using folders in both your personal and team workspaces.

Creating folders

You can create folders for both your personal uploads and for your Team uploads in your asset library.

Personal Folders: Locate the "New Personal Folder" button within your Asset Library. It’s the folder icon next to the text label “My uploads”.
Team Folders: If you have a team, find the "New Team Folder" button within the Team section of your Asset Library.

Be sure to give your new folder a clear and descriptive name for easy identification later.

**Adding Assets**

Drag and drop your uploaded videos, images, and audio files directly onto the desired folder to organize them.

Managing Folders

Renaming: Hover your mouse over a folder. Click the Options icon (three dots) and choose "Rename" to edit the folder name.
Deleting: To remove a folder, select the Options icon and choose "Delete". Remember, deleting a folder will also remove any assets stored within it.
Creating Sub-folders: For further organization, click the Options icon for a folder and select "New Folder" to create a sub-folder within it.

Tip: Utilize a consistent naming system for your folders to make finding specific assets a breeze.

By effectively using folders, you can maintain a well-organized Asset library, saving you time and frustration when searching for your creative assets.

Updated on: 19/03/2024

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